Web Access

Clientless access to any application, anywhere
on any device.


Work is no longer a place we go, it is something we do. And we do it from our living room, airport lounges, hotel conference rooms, and our local cafe. Your employees need access to any application, hosted anywhere, and from any device. This poses security challenges that were not an issue a decade ago.


With a mobile workforce and no perimeter to protect, Odo’s zero-trust solution provides access to corporate resources based on contextual data such as user identity and device posture, as defined through Odo’s simple policy-based framework. Completely clientless and cloud-native, admins receive full visibility on all user activity, and can easily adjust and enforce access policies to block suspicious events in real-time. Access is limited to the application layer, eliminating network-level access and mitigating the risk of network-level attacks and data loss.

Key benefits of Odo’s web access


Control (add, modify, and revoke) privileged access for teams or individuals from one place, with total visibility over who has access to what they do.


Get a full audit trail of user activity. All audit logs are tied to users’ accounts and devices and can be exported to your SIEM for additional contextual data.

User Experience

Give users a quick and secure connection to any application, hosted anywhere, from any device through their terminal. Eliminate VPNs, with clients and unstable connectivity.


Protect your internal resources by providing granular, contextual access, monitoring all user activity, detecting anomalies and blocking suspicious commands in real time

No network exposure

No unauthorized access to applications

Complete isolation of all applications

Terminate access to applications with immediate effect

The most comprehensive
feature set on the market

Clientless Set Up

Odo is clientless and can be set up in under 5 minutes – no endpoint agents to install, appliances to deploy, or maintenance to perform.

SaaS-Like Experience

Give users a quick and secure connection to any application, without the need to use out-dated VPNs, with thick clients and unstable connectivity.

Granular Access

Provide granular access for each corporate resource based on dynamic and contextual access policies. Real-time enforcement of governance policies.

Scale to Business Needs

Odo’s cloud-native solution can be scaled to any business size, whether that be a startup or a global enterprise, with zero downtime and full visibility on all user activity.

Centralized Control

Streamline user onboarding and off boarding. Effortlessly provision and de-provision access to applications in an intuitive process requiring just a few clicks.

Reclaim Your Time

Eliminate the complexity and cost of maintaining VPNs and other outdated and costly legacy technologies with a cloud-native access solution designed for multi-cloud, multi-site, and multi-region environments.