Third-Party Access

Provide temporary, granular access

Outsiders need to get in

Freelancers and contractors are an integral part of today’s workforce. Managing their access to sensitive data is cumbersome, exposing you to potential security risk.

Reduce the Risk

With Odo’s simple policy framework, access to – and within – any application, server, database or environment can be easily compartmentalized and limited in both time and scope.


The Benefits of Odo

Grant Temporary Access

Role-based controls allows technical teams to easily set up policies to grant and revoke temporary access to applications without wasting valuable time trying to set up and manage complex workflows.

Total Visibility

Continual monitoring of all third-party activity, gives IT managers the ability to understand what they access and the actions they take.

Reduced Security Risk

Every access request is issued a temporary credential (limited in time and scope). Access is limited to the application layer and is only granted after the user and device are fully authenticated and authorized, mitigating the risk of lateral movement attacks.

Improved User Experience

Deliver a clientless, native SaaS-like experience with no endpoint agents to install, appliances to deploy, or maintenance to perform.

Key Features

  • Granular access at the application layer
  • Access can be limited in both time and scope
  • Separate identity management from existing IDP
  • Full user activity audit trail and alerts
  • Clientless