Go beyond static SSH Keys and VPN Credentials


Engineering and DevOps teams need access to development and production environments, without compromising security. But, managing static SSH keys and VPN credentials is an almost impossible task. Moreover, traditional access solutions provide “all or nothing” access with no visibility over who can access which servers and what commands they run.


Odo’s clientless solution manages SSH keys in a central and secure location, eliminating the hassle of managing static credentials and reducing the risk of lost or compromised keys. Confidently provide secure access to Windows and Linux servers because it can be tightly tailored and controlled, with full session recording and an audit trail of executed commands and the ability to block suspicious actions in real time.

Key benefits of Odo’s server access


Control (add, modify, and revoke) privileged access for teams or individuals from one place, with total visibility over who has access to what and the commands they run.

Built-In SSH Key

Eliminate the hassle of managing, tracking, and rotating static credentials. Odo’s built-in key management system allows users to log-in without needing to manage SSH keys or VPN credentials.


Get a complete audit trail of user activity, including executed SSH commands and recorded RDP sessions. Audit logs are tied to users’ accounts and devices and can be exported to your SIEM for additional contextual data.


Provide granular, contextual access, monitoring all user activity, detecting anomalies and blocking suspicious commands in real time. Eliminate all network-level access, mitigating the risk of lateral movement attacks.

No access to unauthorized servers

Keys are

Block unauthorized commands in real time

Terminate server access with immediate effect

The most comprehensive

feature set on the market

5-Minute Set Up

Odo is clientless and can be set up in under 5 minutes – no endpoint agents to install, appliances to deploy, or maintenance to perform.

SaaS-Like Experience

Give users a quick and secure connection to any server or environment through their terminal, without the need to use out-dated VPNs, with thick clients and unstable connectivity.

Granular Access

Provide granular access to Linux and Windows servers based on dynamic and contextual access permissions and block suspicious commands in real time. Restrict user access to run only a specific set of commands.

Scales to Business Needs

Odo’s cloud-native solution can be scaled to any business size, whether that be a startup or a global enterprise, with zero downtime and full visibility on all user activity.

Centralized Control

Streamline user onboarding and off boarding. Effortlessly provision and de-provision access to virtual machines, applications or IaaS/PaaS services in an intuitive process requiring just a few clicks.

Reclaim Your Time

Eliminate the complexity and cost of maintaining VPNs and other outdated and costly technologies with a cloud-native access solution designed for multi-cloud, multi-site, and multi-region environments.