Simple and Secure

The way network access should work

It Just Works


Authentication & authorization prior to access

Granular, contextual access

Full audit logs
of user activity

Block suspicious
events in
real time

A Better Architecture
for Managing Access to Everything

Odo’s zero-trust architecture moves access control decisions from the network
perimeter to individual devices, users, and applications, where business-driven
security policies and access controls are best enforced.

Clientless implementation takes less than 5 minutes

Multiple gateways sit as close as possible to your data center

Contextual data is used to authenticate and authorize users prior to granting access

All traffic encrypted end-to-end and sensitive data stored in Hashicorp vault

Integrates with a wide range of IdPs and DevOps tools

No inbound connectivity

Core Platform Features

Odo provides clientless, secure application access with SaaS-like user experience.

  • No installation of clients or agents
  • Optional certificates for host checking
  • Full integration with SIEM
  • SaaS-like user experience
  • Implementation takes a matter of minutes

Specify who has access to what resources through a simple policy framework that factors in user attributes and device state. Policies can be tuned for each team or individual for more granular access management.

  • Centralized access control (admin dashboard)
  • Policy & device management
  • Detailed activity logs and recorded sessions (Web, SSH, RDP)
  • Native integration with your identity provider
  • Built-in SSH key management

Every user request flows through a contextual firewall for consistent authentication and authorization, as well as providing a unified monitoring and logging point.

  • Access Gateway for Web, SSH, RDP
  • Contextual firewall
  • Secure tunnel
  • Layer 7 visibility

Validated users see only the resources they have been pre-authorized to see. For unauthorized users (and attackers) your network is not only inaccessible, it is invisible.

  • Application-level access only
  • Network blackening
  • Auto-discovery for containerized applications
  • Cloud-agnostic