Secure Remote Access to Engineering Environments

Provide secure, seamless and monitored access without keys or credentials to your Production and IT environments

How Odo can help

With the increase of remote connectivity to your ever scaling network, your access solution needs to be secure and monitored, but at the same time also provide seamless user experience.

Odo is a cloud-based Zero Trust Network Access solution that was purposely built for technology oriented companies, with emphasis on secure access to web applications, servers and databases.

In addition, Odo’s built-in PAM module for seamless connectivity without passwords or keys makes it a solution your engineers would actually like to use.

Our architecture is SaaS and clientless, which allows our customers to kick off and start using the system in less than 10 minutes.

Best Practices for Secure Engineering Access

VPN-less Connection

Instead of overworking your VPN and setting up bastion stations, connect engineers directly to assets without exposing them to the public internet

Least Privilege Access

Connect engineers to dynamically determined, individual segments without the need to manage security groups or Firewall rules

Full Access Visibility

Maintain full visibility on every access, command and query performed by the user including the ability to block suspicious activity and terminate sessions in real time

High Intensity and Scale

Adopt a reliable solution that is easily scalable with your network over new  cloud providers, datacenters and environments

MFA to all resources

Enforce strong authentication across your applications and servers according to provided MFA, device, location and IP address

SSO and Key management

Mitigate the risk of credentials theft and sharing, and improve user experience by allowing engineers to access resources directly, without passwords or keys

About Odo

Odo enables organizations to simplify, secure and scale remote access across multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Odo’s agentless, zero trust access solution removes the need for VPNs and enables IT and DevOps engineers to easily manage secure access to any application, server, database, and environment, eliminating network layer access and providing full visibility on all user activity.