Devops Access

The agility DevOps wants, the security you need

Don’t Drop the Database

Today’s engineering teams are leveraging the agility and flexibility of cloud-based development environments. The rapid pace of development and deployment increases the need for accessibility, which increases the risk of simple human error which can corrupt, delete, or drop valuable data from your database.


Reduce the Risk

Odo manages and monitors database access end-to-end. Control who has access and what permissions they have. For example, provide developers to access databases but limit their permissions to “read only” blocking their ability to write, drop or alter.


The Benefits of Odo

Simple to Manage

Role-based controls allow technical teams to easily limit permissions and set up policies to grant and revoke access to databases, without wasting valuable time trying to set up and manage complex workflows.

Total Visibility

Continual monitoring of all user activity – with recorded sessions and full audit logs – gives technical teams the ability to understand who is accessing what and what actions they are taking.

Reduced Security Risk

Every access request is issued a temporary credential (limited in time and scope) and is limited to only those assets which the user has been pre-authorized to access. Moreover, access is granted only after the user and device are fully authenticated and authorized, mitigating the risk of lateral movement attacks.

Improved User Experience

Give engineers a quick and secure connection to any database or environment through their terminal, without the need to use out-dated VPNs, with thick clients and unstable connectivity. Underlying security measures are invisible to them.

Key Features

  • Role-based access controls and permissions
  • Build in SSH-key management
  • Approval and reauthorization workflow API
  • Full audit trail including recorded sessions and command logs
  • Device enrollment and endpoint monitoring