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TEL AVIV, Israel and SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Odo Security, a leader in zero trust network access (ZTNA) and management, today announced the availability of privileged access management, other new features and a new delivery model for its agentless and clientless access platform as well as the scaling up of US operations. OdoAccess is a simple, secure and centralized platform that enables security teams to manage web, SSH, RDP and database access across hybrid-cloud and on-premise infrastructure, avoiding common security and connectivity issues associated with VPNs.

“A lot of people say they are looking for better VPNs. What Odo offers is not simply an iteration of these perimeter-based solutions. ZTNA is a shift in mindset,” said Gilad Steinberg, CTO of Odo Security. ”With Odo’s zero trust platform, privileged access to apps, servers and databases is only granted once users and devices are fully authenticated and authorized, eliminating all implicit trust from the network.”

“We are constantly improving our platform to meet the demands of modern digital environments and the needs of today’s security teams,” noted Or Zilberman, CEO of Odo Security. “With the announcement today of built-in privileged access management and the addition of support for database access, Odo offers the most comprehensive zero trust network access solution on the market.”

“Being able to achieve an Infosec standard like zero trust is a major undertaking. Odo helped us solve the hardest parts of creating the structure.”

Tal Hornstein, CISO at Globality

Odo’s zero trust architecture moves access decisions from the network perimeter to individual devices, users and applications, where business-driven security policies and access controls are best enforced. Every access attempt is treated as suspect until authenticated and authorized. Odo offers end-users a frictionless user experience, while administrators receive full visibility into all user activity, including executed SSH commands, queries, and RDP sessions. Audit logs can also be exported to SIEMs.

“Being able to achieve an Infosec standard like zero trust is a major undertaking. Odo helped us solve the hardest parts of creating the structure, as well as gatekeeping access, that our clients expect us to adopt when dealing with their sensitive information,” said Tal Hornstein, Chief Information Security Officer at Globality, whose AI-powered platform revolutionizes the way companies buy and sell services to connect global enterprises to the best suppliers at the right price for every project.

New platform capabilities announced today are:

  • Built-in privileged access management (PAM). Odo’s built-in PAM solution eliminates the risk associated with users holding static credentials. Users authenticate to a server using either a short-lived token or a public-private key pair, both of which are issued and managed through Odo. The keys are rotated periodically and can be manually revoked at any time, instantly cutting off all access.
  • Granular database access controls. In addition to web and SSH/RDP access, administrators can now provide DevOps engineers granular access to databases based on dynamic and contextual access permissions. With Odo, security teams can control developer access down to the commands they run.
  • Server auto-discovery. Odo seamlessly integrates with cloud providers to automatically enroll servers and their tags to the platform, creating continuous synchronization with the Odo account. This integration facilitates easy onboarding, tag management and the seamless operation of auto-scaled services. Support is provided today for AWS, with integrations for additional cloud providers on the product roadmap.
  • Cloud and hybrid-cloud deployment. Originally launched as a cloud-based security-as-a-service offering, the Odo platform is now available for hybrid cloud deployment that combines SaaS-delivered capabilities with a self-hosted data plane.

Today Odo also announced the appointment of Jacob Lee as Head of North American Sales. Lee will be responsible for scaling up the company’s US sales and providing additional customer support for its US customer base.

Lee has a 15-year track record of exceeding revenue goals and bringing new security solutions to the Fortune 1000. Lee was previously responsible for Western US platform sales at Okta, where he helped grow the emerging platform line of business to include marquee customers such as Dish, Experian, SCE and Warner Bros. He also was a top performer at Cisco Systems, where he pioneered the introduction of new cloud and orchestration software within Cisco’s data center portfolio.

About Odo Security
Odo’s zero trust access platform enables organizations to simplify, secure and scale remote access to self-hosted resources across hybrid-cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Odo’s clientless solution enables security teams to easily manage privileged access to any application, server, database and environment, providing full visibility across all user activity and eliminating the need for VPNs.

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